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Atrial Fibrillation (“A-Fib”) Clinic

Atrial fibrillation (commonly referred to as “afib” is a chaotic electrical circuit that occurs in the top two chambers of the heart called the atria. Healthy atria contracts 60-80 times per minute but atria in afib quiver at 300-400 times per minute. Essentially the heart of an afib patient works as if it’s enduring a marathon even if the patient is relaxing. As you can imagine, this can cause extreme fatigue as well as feelings such as “flopping” or “pounding” in the chest.

The most devastating result of afib is a stroke. The quivering atria can lead to slow blood flow and clot formation which can eventually go to the brain.

Risk factor modification, prevention of stroke, and treatment of symptoms are all addressed in our afib clinic.

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