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The Sleep Center At HHC

Our sleep center is conveniently located in Huntington, Long Island just across from the main Huntington Heart Center office. We offer to sleep study rooms built for your comfort and equipped with the latest in technology.

While most understand the benefits of sleep, many Americans do not get enough of it. Many more have compromised sleep patterns that affect their daily lives. The Huntington Heart Center’s comprehensive sleep center on Long Island is dedicated to the diagnosis and management of common sleep disorders including:

  • Sleep apnea
  • Insomnia
  • Memory/concentration
  • PSG CPAP titration
  • Narcolepsy
  • Low oxygen during sleep
  • Daytime somnolence

About Our Sleep Center

We will work with you to create a convenient time to undergo the study and create a treatment plan to address any findings.

Meet Our Sleep Center Physician

Jalil Anwar, M.D., M.R.C.P. is board certified in internal medicine, pulmonary disease, sleep disorders, and critical care medicine.