We are accepting new patients and continue to see patients via telehealth when appropriate.

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Cardiologists on Long Island

Welcome to the Huntington Heart Center

The Huntington Heart Center is a full service cardiovascular facility performing services in the Huntington, New York area for over 30 years. Our physicians and staff render the highest quality healthcare to the thousands of patients we serve.

Our Nuclear, PET, Vascular and Echocardiography Laboratories are fully accredited by ICAEL, ICVAL and ICANL, the agencies that oversee and grant accreditation for those facilities that meet their high standards.

Our mission is simple yet profound and has been the underlying philosophy of The Huntington Heart Center’s founder and President Dr. Raj Patcha: to render compassionate, quality care to every patient who puts his/her life in our hands, and to consider it our duty and privilege to do so.