We are accepting new patients and continue to see patients via telehealth when appropriate.

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COVID-19 Policies and Procedures

In response to the coronavirus outbreak, Huntington Heart Center has altered our in office protocols to heighten safety and infection control measures. Our goal is to provide our patients with excellent care while limiting the spread of this virus. Our providers are offering both in-person and telehealth visits. When scheduling or confirming your upcoming appointment, please be sure to specify if you would like a virtual visit.

In Person Appointments

If you are visiting our office in person, we have new guidelines to limit potential exposure. Each patient is required to check in at the front desk for their upcoming appointment alone, unless assistance is required. All individuals are required to wear a mask, if they do not have one, one will be provided to them. Temperature will be taken at the time of their visit. If your temperature is elevated, our staff will give you further guidance. Patients will be asked to wait for their scheduled appointment in their vehicle. A Medical Assistant will call the provided cell phone number to alert you when it is your turn to come in. If a cell phone is not available, our staff will retrieve you from your car.

Once the patient is called into the office, they will be brought directly to the exam room by the Medical Assistant in proper protective attire. Once examination/testing is complete, patient will check out at the front desk with proper social distance requirements to make future appointments & pay their co-pay.

Hand sanitizer & tissues are provided at the front door for entry & exit of appointments at all of our facilities.

Virtual Visits

For those who wish to avoid in office visits to reduce potential exposure, we have telehealth visits available. To learn more about your telemedicine options, please visit our telehealth visit guide.


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