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Huntington Heart Center Expands to Include Primary Care

The Huntington Heart Center is proud to announce the opening of our primary care facility Northport Comprehensive Care. With more and more consolidation in medicine, we know that our patients value a caring, supportive and personalized environment in which to receive comprehensive heart care. Adding primary care services for our patients allows us to treat them more fully.

Our goal is to prevent heart disease, not just treat it, and our primary care team will be at the front line of this initiative. We welcome our newest primary care and specialty physicians including:

  • Nick Sakellarios, DO
  • Richard Boughal, MD
  • Karen Olivieri, RPA-C

Along with more comprehensive care, we expect that our patients will appreciate the quicker, secure and accurate transfer of information between primary care physician and cardiologist.

We are also proud to announce that one of our newest physicians Dr. Jalil Anwar, MD is board-certified in internal medicine, pulmonary disease, sleep disorders and critical care. A multi-talented physician, Dr. Anwar will add effective diagnosis and treatment of lung issues – common co-occurring disorders with cardiovascular disease.  Schedule an appointment today with Dr. Anwar at our office located at 161 East Main Street in Huntington, NY.

We look forward to seeing our patients at our new primary care office at 325 Main St. in Northport, NY and treating you and your loved ones with the same patient care that has made the Huntington Heart Center a leader on Long Island.