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Is Fast Food Ever Good For Your Heart?

When you think of the causes of heart disease, one of the first thoughts you may have is fast food. To be sure, fast food is not a great option, especially for those with heart disease. However, is it always a bad for everyone? Some may tell you that under no circumstances should fast food ever be consumed. Others may say that there’s absolutely nothing wrong with fast food as long as you avoid the very worst of it. The truth probably lies somewhere in between.Fast food cheese burgers, fries, and chicken nuggets in white take out containers

Ever Healthier Options

While major fast food chains lag behind some innovative start-ups, there has certainly been a push toward healthier options at your local fast-food stop. Whether it is salad or alternative of heavily fried chicken or fatty beef, there are more healthy choices than ever before. But it is the newer fast-food restaurants that have taking charge and jumped in to lead. A number of healthy fast-food options have popped up giving the average consumer access to relatively inexpensive and nutritious food.

Fast food may also be preferable to skipping a meal. Many patients think that skipping breakfast of lunch is a good idea for weight loss – it isn’t. Moderation is the key to keeping an appropriate weight and warding off cardiovascular disease. Skipping a meal often leads to overeating at the next meal since you’ll be ravenously hungry.

What Foods Make Sense?

There may be a number of healthy fast-food options in your area. However, if you are limited to the large chains, chances are you’ll also be limited in your choices and options as well. First, check the nutrition chart. Big chains usually publish this instore or online. Check for saturated fat, sugar and sodium. There may be some sandwiches that fit the bill. Another option is to substitute the bread for lettuce or just eat the protein. opt for grilled over fried every time. Finally look for salads with plenty of fruits and veggies in addition to the lettuce. But be careful of the dressing…that’s the stuff that contains all the fat and added sugar.

The Bottom Line

There’s always something relatively healthy somewhere, so there’s no excuse to eat high fat and high sugar foods even if you’re on the road or hurried. Just be sure you know what you’re eating by doing your nutritional research and opting for the healthiest items on the menu.

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